Advantages of making reading a habit for your kids


We all have been part of classes where students are made to read one by one. Did you ever think about why such activities were conducted at school? It was for improving our reading, vocabulary, pronunciation, and developing fluency in the respective languages. Apart from that, hidingly it plays a huge role in developing confidence, social skills, etc too. We don’t get it while being in the process. Such activities have always played their role in our development and that is why schools invest in them. Reading is one such habit that would stay with your kid forever and the kid would develop several skills within because of it. It is not only about academics, it brings along learning that is essential for every kid’s growth. By reading, kids develop a sense of recognizing words by just a view and develop fluency in their speaking skills as well. With the digital world on the top, kids find it difficult to shift their attention towards conventional reading. It is challenging for the parents to shift the focus, once their kid is driven towards technology. It would be great if you try to make reading a habit from a very young age, the child would be benefited and it would be hard for him/her to leave the practice ever.

Here are some advantages the kids would experience through the regular reading practice

Better functioning of the brain

We all need some physical activities, exercises to stay fit and keep our body parts moving and healthy. Similarly, while reading we are into the function of brainstorming and it gives our brain a workout. It takes some skills to read and comprehend any written segment. There are many scientific proofs that reading helps in developing the human brain and makes an individual smarter. The attention and concentration that a child shows while reading a segment makes him/her explore some skills within. It plays a role in having a concentrated mind towards the studies as well. Preschools use different methods to make a child read and try to develop the reading habit as early as possible. Parents should coordinate with the schools for better results.

Builds the ability to comprehend

There are different kinds of comprehensive skills among different individuals. Reading books based on moral values, or an honest character can develop a sense of moral values within a child. Young kids are attracted by fiction stories and they give them some lessons that allow them to tackle difficult situations in life. Research shows that the kids who love reading find it easy to understand and analyze situations rather than those who don’t read. Your kid can empower the capability within him/her right away from the nursery school.

Strengthens memory and concentration 

Reading is a great way to remember things. The written form of any document would be helpful to you in many ways. However, people think that visuals work better but it may vary from individual to individual. When your child is into a story, he/she will concentrate more than ever. It develops the habit of listening to things carefully to understand them better. Reading regularly would help your child’s brain memorize things easily. A story or poem a day would work as a boosting dose for the memory power of your kid. Kids schools work on activities that include some reading practices to boost the concentration of the child.

Improves writing skills 

The more you read, the more you can have the capability to write. Writing is like pouring out things from your head but before you need some pouring-in too. You should try to make your kid understand the importance of reading before he/she starts writing. Kids learn new words, their meanings, and add something new to their vocabulary every time they read. It can then be utilized while writing, and that is how the process of learning goes for the entire life. You can take the example of the examination, the more they have read the content, the better they would be able to write in a test or an exam. Preschools understand it and they know they are the ones who will make the base for the entire learning of the child. That is why they include the learning activities along with playful ones in their curriculum.

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