A Parenting Guide regarding the nutrition and exercise of kids


Anything you learn during your childhood has more chances of staying with you throughout your life. Nutrition and exercising are two of the basic yet crucial aspects of an individual’s life. Health is the foremost thing everyone should consider for themselves. Parents are responsible for making a child learn these habits from childhood. It helps a child develop to his/her full potential and gives them positive vibes that help in the study and learning as well. Toddlers require extra care and their nutrition determines how well they will behave at their school. Also, the exercise they do determine their motor and cognitive growth which is very much essential during the early years of life. Talking of nutrition, it is not only about what you are giving to your kid to eat. The eating patterns are also as important as the former one. Preschools that are dedicated to kids’ growth focus on such things but it is the parents who can make sure that the kid is having enough nutrients to be the best version of themselves.

We all are aware of rich nutrients that need inclusion in our diet, it stays the same way for the kids as well. Like, they too need adequate vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. You can consult a kid dietician if you are not aware of the adequate quantity. But, along with that, you need to make sure that the following pointers are included in your routine as they can do wonders when mixed with the nutrients consuming process of your kid.

  • The environment where the kid is eating adds to the food, believe it or not. The kid knows his/her routine and if the parents are having lunch or dinner alongside, the diet automatically enhances. As parents, make sure you have a neat, clean, and friendly environment while eating with your kid.
  • A lot of sugar is concerning for parents but you need to make sure that you do not ban the sugar for your kid. Telling him to stay away from chocolates and sweets would create more cravings. Just try to limit the supply but don’t ban it, let the kid taste what he/she wants sometimes.
  • We know that meals don’t comprise fruits but make sure you have a separate schedule for offering fresh fruits to your children. It is compulsory to gain some minerals and proteins through fresh fruits as it brings along some positive energy. Even the nursery schools offer fruits regularly to the kids.
  • Kids hate veggies, especially the green ones. But we know how much nutrients those veggies carry. You can hide veggies in the meals of your children. By hiding, it doesn’t mean you need to put it in a chapati, it means you can shred or grate the vegetables and serve it in the form of sandwiches or any dish that tastes well to children.
  • Instead of focusing on special foods and nutrients, you should try to focus on the overall diet of the kid. For example, it doesn’t matter in what form the minerals your child intakes, it is important to consume a particular amount in a day. So focus on that.
  • It is very important that you don’t force a child to eat. It can have a negative impact on the child and can take their interest away from eating. At the same time, it is important that you don’t waste food, therefore, you should know what your kid likes and what amount he/she can intake.
  • Do make sure that whenever the kid is eating, he/she should have all the focus on the meal. Avoid practices like watching television while eating. Kids learn the art of concentrating at a preschool, parents can help the cause by adding inputs like these to it.

Focusing on physical activities and exercises promotes healthy growth and development. You should encourage your child to be on the ground or take part in activities like swimming, cycling, running, etc. It gives them confidence and helps in maintaining adequate body weight as well. Toddlers have certain different physical activities in the beginning according to their capabilities. Most of them focus on their motor development during the early days.

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