A better way towards education

towards education

A good educational environment helps a child to grow in many ways like emotional, mental, and intellectual development of a child is very much dependent upon his or her pre-schooling. Bachpan school is nationally recognized and offers a beautiful well-versed platform to kids. We are here to serve high-quality learning towards education programs and to build a strong infrastructure to create a playful and creative environment for our little ones. The Bachpan is well-designed to provide an elegant learning environment with lots of fun and playful activities for toddlers. With a group of excellent teachers, researchers, and enormous activities we provide a distinctive curriculum, this kind of playful learning environment helps a child to enjoy his or her precious childhood days. As childhood plays a very crucial role in our life bachpan school concentrates on growth in multiple ways like social, mental, and academic.

Starting from playgroup, nursery, lower kindergarten to upper kindergarten we provide a complete package of learning programs to bloom these kids in their own unique way.

All needs at one place

Bachpan has all the growing needs of a preschooler kid to complete his early education.

*Unique teaching methodologies

Our unique teaching method provides quality education to the little ones. Quality education is an important strategy in our nation’s education. We provide you the best teaching methodologies, so our preschoolers can grow and bloom.

*Teaching preschool curriculum

A good teaching preschool curriculum defines the quality of teaching. It provides the framework to the teacher which he or she uses to guide the learner. Bachpan has the best preschool curriculum that makes these tiny tots wonderful in every aspect of life

* Fosters holistic development

A holistic approach to teaching and learning also focuses on connection to the social world. We care for the skill and knowledge requires to foster and enhancing the holistic development, development of intellectual, physical, mental, emotional as well as social.

* Creative in-house pedagogy

The ideology of the study of the process of teaching, creative pedagogy is described as the science and technique of creative teaching. This allows them to not only engage in creativity but also helps them to grow mentally strong.


The Bachpan play school has an exclusive playground to develop cooperative and collaborative towards education learning strategies. Physical activities and finding time for movement are very effective ways to engage multiple senses. Physical way or exercise as counting and understanding maths concepts. We focus on the basic development of a child. We make children learn through visual content and images so that they can easily recognize things, and connect to thoughts and understand things better. We help them to understand the value of sharing and caring. The effectiveness of these approaches is due to the alignment with the science of how children naturally learn through play. With the help of our daily activity, they will learn to strengthen their social and emotional development and they will grow and bloom beautifully.

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