5 start up tips for better behavior of your child

  • child-behaviourShare one-on-one time with your kids regularly-the best thing you can do to improve your kids behavior is spending good time with them individually regularly,  give them the best environment so they feel safe and connected, give them positivity all around. Start spending at least 25-30 minutes a day will improve your emotional bond with your child.
  • Improve their sleeping disorders- Lets take an example of ourselves, when we feel tired, cranky and irritable your head and stomach hurts. It’s the same for kids, when they feel overtired and keep on crying, they do the same – so consult your family physician about the hours your child need according to his/her age. A well rested child feels fresh in school and behaves nicely with everyone.
  • Follow routines– The most challenging part for parents is to make a nice and definite routine for kids because kids thrive with a routine, so clearly set define a good routine for them, like for breakfast, after school, lunch, brunch and for dinner. And then stick to it, follow the same pattern.
  • Encourage your child to be problem solver– time has passed now when parents step in the middle of arguments of sibling or in schools. Now-a-days encourage your kids to solve arguments at their own, because this will help them when they will grow up. And if you have to get involved, don’t judge any of them, just figure out a solution that both the parties mutually feel good about it.
  • Don’t praise all the time– it can be difficult for a kid to be right in all the actions he/she do, so don’t praise them every time. But don’t judge them in group or they will feel push back and the emotional bond you have created after so many efforts will vanish in few seconds. So tell them what is good and what is not right personally at home. Just focus on training, not punishment.

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