Toddlers Need a Lot of Care by Way of Nutrition

Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition

Early childhood is a wonderful time for growth and development. For mothers and caregivers, it can be quite pesky and testing.

Nutrition and health are very important aspects of early childhood growth. Young mothers can be at their wits’ end feeding their kids. They also can worry endlessly regarding the adequacy of their children’s nutrition.

Fussy eaters add to the woes. I would like to share a few general and ground rules for developing good nutritional habits among kids.

  1. Begin early with good nutrition. Developing taste for good and healthy food must be begun early.
  2. Feed the children using colourful and eye-catching plates and cutlery.
  3. Make the food look good and interesting.
  4. Be innovative and creative.
  5. Indulgence is good occasionally but not always.
  6. Limit pacifying whims of kids with chips, chocolates etc.
  7. Shape them like toys, bunnies, flowers etc. to make them attractive.
  8. Sugar must be used in less quantity.
  9. Use honey or let the natural sweetness of foods prevail.
  10. Use complex carbs and whole grains.
  11. Milk and yogurt can be made into interesting shakes or smoothies using seasonal fruit pulp.
  12. Start early with fruits and vegetables. The more the colour, the better for health.
  13. Invest a little time on your children’s meals. Moms know the best for their kids.

Look out for healthy and easy recipes in my next blog. Until then, CIAO!.

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