The Value of Fun and Play

Children Having Fun

Children Having Fun

Fun and play is an essential part of child development. Research has shown us that how play has created an important part in a child’s overall development. Play is the foundation of child’s brain development, character building, and emotional building. As a guardian we must pay attention that our children sustain play. Sustained play helps a child to concentrate on one subject at a time and help develop social and creative skills.

Characteristics of Fun and Play

  • Self determination
  • Self imagination
  • Voluntary
  • Motivating
  • Enjoyable
  • Open-minded
  • Self-directed

You may notice that some children gets distracted easily, they may not know the importance of a toy because of their hyperactive nature. One of the best things you can do is sit and teach them the importance of that toy and play with them. I suggest you to make sure it does not feel like work for your child, you must keep it as a fun and enjoying activity, keep it as relaxed as possible.

Many guardians assume that their child doesn’t know how to play with a toy.  The reason to this may be is that the child needs a good teacher or a helper to learn the use of that toy in more interactive and effective way. In our fast paced society children gets very few opportunities to explore and develop their creativity. It is our responsibility to provide proper guidance and opportunities for open ended play.

Play is the foundation of almost all the core development of a child. Like dramatic skills, social behavior, crafting skills, art & craft creativity, problem solving and mathematics skills, gross and fine motor development and language and vocabulary development also.

Let gather up the toys today and start playing with your little ones and teach them the good use of each toy. Bring it on!!

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