Start Conversation With Your Child



Some people are just so natural when it comes to chit-chat with kids. They can just sit down with any child and engage them in some interesting topic. Such people are blessed with a nature who enjoys talking to them, I happen to be blessed by God to be one of them who can freely talk to kids on any subject of their interest, I actually enjoy chatting with them, laughing with them and engaging with them.

There are however, a lot of people who love kids but find it difficult about how to start conversation with them. There are actually hundred upon hundred things you can talk to a child about. The more you get to know them and invest your time with them the deeper and meaningful will be your relationship with them. Meanwhile, the list below will give you some ideas on what to start when it comes to chatting with a child.

Questions about them

  • How old are you?
  • Do like hanging out?
  • When is/was your birthday?
  • Which is your favorite fruit?
  • Do you like cartoons?
  • Which is your favorite month?
  • Do you clean your room, or do you help your mom in cleaning?
  • Have you seen peacock?
  • What is your favorite colour?

Questions about their family

  • How many brother and sister do you have?
  • What are their names?
  • Do you like to spend time with them?
  • What is the name of your father and mother?
  • Where does your father work?
  • Where does your family go on holidays?
  • Do you like remember the place? Do you like the place?

Questions about their school

  • What is the name of your school?
  • Who is your best friend in school?
  • What is your class teacher name?
  • Do you like drawing?
  • What do you like to play at lunch break?
  • Which is your favorite subject?
  • Do you like the Sunday?

Questions about their activities

  • Which is your favorite game?
  • Do you like to play badminton?
  • How do you spend your vacation?
  • What do you at home, when you are back from school?
  • Do you prefer to spend time with your friends?
  • Do you like to solve puzzles? What about number puzzle?
  • Do you like any pet?

Questions about entertainment

  • What is your favorite TV show?
  • Why do you like it?
  • Have you seen any movie?
  • Did you like it, or not?
  • Why do you like it?
  • What is the best game you have?
  • Do you like video games?
  • Do you like to dance?
  • Do you know how to play cricket?
  • What is your favorite rhyme?

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