Process of dealing with kids who are slow learners

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It is normal if a kid grasps something at a particular time or takes the time to understand or react to any task assigned. Childhood can have different ways for different children. It might be difficult for parents to understand the fact but every child can’t grow at the same pace. The slow learners can be treated well at the right time to make them stand in the same queue as the other children. Preschools play a major role in improving the learning growth and overall development of a child. Parents can add to that by assisting the schools with some changes and processes at home as well.

Here are some ways by which you can motivate your kid in the slow learning processes:

Give them extra time: You should keep in mind that slow learners are some special kids who need extra time than ordinary ones to learn any concept, skill, or process. You can give them at least ten percent of extra time than what is required for other children during any activity or task. After consulting the preschool, you can monitor their growth, especially when the exams are approaching.

Keep It Short and Simple: It is difficult for kids who are slow learners to process the instructions quickly or correctly, and it doesn’t make them abnormal. Parents should keep the directions in the simplest form. Repeat yourself many times until the kid has understood you. Always remember complex is always tough and simple is always easy. Ensure to make your lessons simple.

Help Slow learners in Organizing: Kids are often confused about what is going on in the classroom. They are not on the same page with parents, teachers, or sometimes other classmates. You must help them in organizing tasks as per the priorities. It helps them to concentrate on their activities. You can also involve their teachers to check if the child is doing the tasks at school or not.

Teach them the Importance of Learning: Since slow learners find studying difficult and do not develop an interest in it, they believe learning is dull and useless. You should tell them stories of some distinguished personalities to teach them what they can become if they learn. You may also tell them how learning things can help them in their daily lives. This way they develop an interest in studying and learning. This is what the kids’ schools do, they make children learn through common tasks and activities.

Improve Slow Learners’ Concentration Power: One of the major concerns for slow learners is the inability to concentrate. You can make your kid sit in the first row to help them focus in the classroom by asking the teachers. Also, they will easily get the instructions and directions when they sit in the first row. You should make attempts to remove distractions at the home too, to help them focus better. Make a peaceful study environment at home.

Make Your Lessons Interesting: Kids are slow in learning through books but they can participate in games and activities. Hence, you should involve such games in your lessons to make them learn the concepts quickly. Children get bored easily while studying boring subjects or concepts, so you should organize certain games to make your lessons interesting that would help them develop their social skills as well.

Set Smaller Targets for Slow Learners: Parents should be patient with their kids and not hurry or pressurize them. You should have realistic expectations from them. The best way to make them achieve their goals is to make them habitual of achieving goals by setting smaller and achievable targets. Do not compare them with other kids, rather understand what they can achieve as an individual and set goals accordingly.

Praise and Reward Slow Learners: When they achieve the set goals, the next step is to praise them and reward them. You must acknowledge even the smallest victory and offer them rewards for each milestone to help them continue learning.

Developing their Communication Skills and Confidence: Confidence is the key for kids, if they can become confident and be active participants in the activities, they will eventually do good in their studies. So, we should focus on their communication skills so that they can speak confidently everywhere they go.

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