This pandemic indeed has changed everything, The pandemic has changed how we channelize our daily routine learn and interact as social distancing guidelines have led to a more virtual existence, both personally and professionally.  kids feel frustrated as they are full of energy and their piled-up energy is not channelized properly, but it is our responsibility to encourage them to perform various learning activities. We should perform each task that can grow our children in the right direction and prepare them to live happily throughout life. Here are some tips which can help you feel happier being a parent.

  • Help them to read, think and grow – Parents can help them a lot by giving them proper attention and guidance to read, and to think creatively to grow beautifully.
  • Encourage them to play indoor games – You can encourage them to play lego blocks, playing with crayons, hide and seek and do some playful craft activities.
  • Help your kid to learn new things – You can encourage them to decorate their own room, or just put some beautiful stickers on the wall.
  • Encourage kids to watch educational videos – You can find lots of online educational and creative videos which can help your ward to learn something new because learning through visual content will be very much effective.
  • Help them to create a family tree – you can help them to create a lovely family tree using different colors and pictures.
  • boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem – Helping your child to build up self-esteem is one of the important responsibilities.

Children love to play and by playing they built confidence, imagination, and self-expression. We all know that for right and healthy brain development play is very much important. Play allows children to use their creativity while growing their imagination,  physical activities, cognitive, and emotional strength. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact with the social world around them.

  • Solutions to conquer the fear

Dealing with the unknown fear, With the stress of pandemic life, toddlers may be especially fearful about separating from their parents or caregivers.

Here Communication should be our priority. Let them explain things and discuss without any hesitation and fear because talking with your kids or a healthy discussion about COVID-19 can help them understand what’s happening, lighten some of their fears, and help them feel safe and begin to cope because children’s mind is not engaged enough. they do not have an option for outdoor games or peers, who could distract them from this unknown fear. We must give them proper information about the virus infection and its precautions because they are dealing with their own fear. Fear of losing their parents, fear of suffering from the infection, fear of being quarantined due to infection, and so on. As Well As the second fear is one many may not even know how to articulate. To a Child A year is eternity. Kids Are also Afraid that why are people distancing at the time all people should be together, we can show them our presence by video call or by sending a video message that everything will be fine and again they will live together like always.

Again we will live together

It’s not just a thought that everything will be fine and again we will be together. Children rely on their parents for safety, both physical and emotional. Being a parent we should perform each task that grows our child in the right direction and prepare them to live happily throughout life. We should think about every positive aspect of life because Childhood is not only a phase for learning but it is a magical period of all life’s seasons. We all are taking all possible precautions and safety majours. There is no place for any fear or any anxiety, thus we have to focus on creativity and positivity to assure our kids that this pandemic will end too, all we need is just patience and a beautiful smile.

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