Good Touch and Bad Touch: Guarding the Safety of your Child!

In the world full of fairy tales, we often address our little babies as prince or princess growing up to rule the world. But it is your responsibility to show them the reality of the world. Most probably being a parent you will try your best to be around your kid as much as possible and safeguard him or her in every way, but can you be everywhere?

The answer is a saddening NO!

Moreover, when your kid starts growing, he or she gradually becomes independent to flutter their wings in the society. So, in either case, you will have to teach your child the right way to tackle this world on their own.

It is undeniably true that you cannot assure that every person your baby will meet will nurture him as you do! Chances are that strangers might try to touch or harm your kids in a wrong way that the little ones might not be prepared for or aware of. Thus, to keep your child safe, your dear ones must be aware of the concept of Good Touch and Bad Touch and how to understand the intentions.

With all that we teach our children, it is our duty to teach them the lesson of Good Touch and Bad Touch as well. Your innocent child should know enough to understand the emotions of love, care, and affection along with actions like appropriate touch or sexual abuse. Kids should be honest with the parents to let them acknowledge any such actions happening to them. So, here are some ways to teach him or her about the Good Touch and Bad Touch in the right manner-

  • Cherish a bond of Trust!

Building a bond of trust with your children is very significant to the fact that your child will talk to you about everything that happens to him. If your kid doesn’t trust you then trying out further will be hard. Initially, you should make your child comfortable enough to avoid hiding things from you and rely on you for a good piece of advice in case of any problems.

So, giving space to the little ones to confide in you must be your foremost steps in making your child understand the concept of good touch and bad touch.

  • Securing the Personal Property

In this modern paced era, it’s never too early. So, give some basic information to your kiddo about the genitals. Tell them about the areas on their body that are very private to them and no one has an authority to touch them without their permission.

Educate them enough that they won’t let anyone touch their private parts besides you at the time of cleaning. They should understand it is their personal property that they need to safeguard their body from malicious people. Besides, your kid should be aware of the basic functions of each part very well and know the difference between a healthy good touch on the body and bad or harmful touch.

  • Be Cautious with your Language

Speak in the tone that encourages your baby, so that they can train their minds in such a way that they can remain safe in their own company. Especially while you are telling your little one about the anatomy, you ought to use appropriate words and language. Make sure they should be proud of their body, know the use of it, and there isn’t anything dirty.

Moreover, explain the key differences between male and female body. Be easy on your talks and make them grasp all the concerned information in a simple and healthy language.

  • NO means NO!

Teach your child to say NO to things they do not feel like doing or does not feel good about. Assure them of their rights of saying NO to any kind of unreasonable touch or activity happening to them without their will.

Tell them if something like this happens that seems like a bad touch, then they shouldn’t be afraid of expressing their voice or never take it as their fault. Besides, your kid should immediately say NO or stop the person if he/she is touching him or her in an inappropriate way. They should know how to put themselves in the safe spot by screaming and gathering people around. If there is no one around them, then probably they can get away or rush out from that particular place.

Another aspect that needs to be taken care of is that the child should not be alone around the molester again. Thus, ultimately maintaining a sense of secured zone for the safety of the child, when they’re with parents.

  • Set them free

Being a parent you can teach them to be safe but should not restrict or force them from doing various activities in any way. Besides, enforcing your love in the form of hugs and kisses or holding the child close to you all the time should not be the only option.

Whether it’s a relative, or anyone, set your child free to let them decide who and how to meet. This does not mean encouraging the habit of ignoring people in the little ones but does mean that you should not force them to meet anyone. Understand it should be the decision of your kids’ that he or she likes the pat or hug or a kiss from the relatives or not.


It is very important to grasp an opportunity to talk about the Good Touch and Bad Touch with your children and tell them so as of how to differentiate between this. After all, the power of awareness will let them know and help them understand what is happening with them in case of adversities.

Being a parent, maintaining your child’s safety is your responsibility and making them understand the same is very important. Explaining the sense of touch with some cute and funny gestures will help you share a comfortable bond with your child. Your touch in a certain manner will help them comprehend comprehensive feelings of love and security.

Be Happy and Be Safe!

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