Ensure the Safety of your Preschooler with Easy ‘Safety-Parenting’ Tips!

Growing is the most beautiful phenomenon in human life…

With very quick changes in your little ones, there arrives a time when he or she needs to make an inevitable change and start exploring the world out of their cocoon.

Going to preschool is one of the firsts in this list! Your child’s transition to preschool will be easy if you constantly talk to him about it beforehand. A sudden shock in an unexpected morning is not at all healthy for your toddler. But, when your baby has an idea about going to school, then his reactions will be somewhat manageable.

To turn his anxiety into excitement you need to practice better parenting. You should be a great guiding hand to understand the changes that they will experience during this transition and build up an excitement around it. But, better be safe than regretting! Toddlership being a very small and crucial age should be kept an eye upon in a very observantly.

Your child’s safety is your responsibility and somewhat in your hands all the time. Even when he/she goes to preschool, it is our duty to make sure he/she is comfortable and knows very well what to do and what not.

To tackle this situation, here are few tips to ensure your toddler’s safety during his preschool days-

  • Prepare him for the Goodbyes

It should not be like you that are going to drop your kid and you come back leaving him crying at his school. This way his schooling time is of no use. Your child must know why you are saying goodbye and now he will get to see you once the school is over. Make him indulge into something that will keep him busy so that he will bid you bye once and will not create chaos and stressful situation afterward. After all, being a parent, it is your priority to convince your child happy and satisfyingly for learning.

  • Imbibe the Basic Safety Liners in his routine

Some of the basic safety measures are actually to be imbibed in your toddlers’ life by making them practice from the very beginning. Some of them are:

  • Not to take anything eatable from strangers outside the school.
  • Washing hands before and after eating.
  • Washing fruits before consuming.
  • Avoid breaking rules and listen to what the teacher says.
  • Not to fight with anyone
  • Befriend people of the same age only
  • Not to go out of school without permission. etc. etc….

Basically, teach him all the basic etiquettes that he needs to practice to be safe.

  • Keep in touch with the teachers

It is very important to keep asking the teachers and other people in the preschool about your toddlers’ behavior to ensure his safety.

With social media on trend, Whatsapp has become a major source of communicating issues and information to parents of the toddlers easily without a fuss. Stay updated with the school information and daily updates of your child. Communicate regularly with other parents and teachers to work on the same page.

Visit his playschool often to make sure no one bullies your child and no one irritates him apart from the casual kiddy things. Communicate with the teachers if you find anything unsafe in the school beforehand to avoid any issues afterward.

  • Talk to your little bundle of joy!

Talking to children is very important to maintain the flow of communication always. Developing a habit of sharing things and building a strong communicational bond with your child is very beneficial to keep things smooth and tension free afterward.

It is always best to pre-guide your child to talk to you or immediately inform the teacher in case of any sort of issues during his preschool tenure.

Develop such a kind of self-confidence in your child while giving him best parenting that he never hesitates to stand for himself from the very beginning. This way your child will never fall prey in the hands of others, whether it’s about students or anyone no matter how innocent your baby is.


In nutshell, your child needs utmost encouragement before anything to accept this change in his life. You should be there for him whenever he expects you to be. You must check with the safety inside the school and then teach him a few safety measures to make him independent beforehand.

In the modern world, your kid must know the difference between sweet and safe from the very first stage. So, it’s better to stay updated…

Wish you all a Safer Parenting!




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