Activities of Republic Day to instil Patriotism in young children

Republic Day Activities for Play school Kids

The struggle of our ancestors for the freedom of our country is inspirational. On Republic Day our Constitution came into effect. Since young children will not be able to comprehend their Rights at such a tender age, let’s make this 74th Republic Day extra special and instil a feeling of patriotism and nationalism through a few creative activities.   Republic […]

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How young parents can communicate better with their child

young parents can communicate better

As the dynamics of parenthood are constantly changing, this change brings so many hurdles on the way to providing a suitable environment for the children at home. Our kids are evolving so rapidly, learning new things through digital platforms and involving in so many new things at school that it gets difficult to cope with their questions and doubts.  As […]

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can brighten young children’s Future

Emotional Intelligence

You might know about the basic IQ that humans have which derives intellectual ability and potential of someone. It is designed to bespeak a wide range of cognitive skills like reasoning, logic, and problem-solving. But, have you ever heard about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) playing a major part in anyone’s normal life?    Let’s talk about what Emotional Intelligence is. It […]

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Christmas Learning Activities for Preschool Kids

Christmas Learning Activities

Christmas is one of the most fun and engaging festivals for preschool kids as it is visually pleasing and full of gaiety. To add sparkles and winter vibes to a kid’s childhood, parents and teachers must include Christmas activities as a part of learning. Activities are a great source of entertainment and learning altogether. It helps the kids better understand […]

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Develop your Child’s Strong Vocabulary at an early age

Child’s Strong Vocabulary

What differentiates us, humans, from other living organisms? The ultimate fact is that we can express and understand each other’s perspectives and opinions through communication. People with an enhanced vocabulary are more expressive about their thoughts and have proven to be more successful in life.  That’s why we, as parents, should focus on developing our child’s strong vocabulary from a […]

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The Essence of How to Choose a Preschool for Your Child

How to Choose a Preschool for Your Child

Children learn what they see and a huge chunk of their learning comes from the environment they are surrounded by. That is why choosing the best play school is of utmost importance for your child’s holistic development. You as parents need to know how to choose a preschool for your child in order to make a well-thought-out and informed decision.  […]

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Imparting Montessori Education in Preschool and its Effects

Montessori Education

To know if a child requires Montessori education lets first know what it actually means. The Montessori Method was first developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s by applying scientific methods in public and private schools.   It is a method where each child is nurtured with his individual desire for knowledge and understanding. It involves a child’s […]

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