Ways to develop a reading practice for your kids

reading habits

With time moving faster than ever before in terms of technology, kids have also switched from the conventional methods of learning. The new methods of learning are useful and convenient for the parents as well, but practices like reading and writing can never be neglected. Reading is a basic need to absorb words in you before you pour out something […]

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How to make homework a fun experience for your kid


Parents have several issues to tackle while raising a child. Firstly, managing the workload, then selecting the right school for early education, and once they get a school they have the burden of something they’re not prepared for until they plan it. Kids can be stubborn and the change they experience when they go to school can turn out to […]

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How do activities help in the development of the kids?


Childhood is the building phase of a person’s life. Proper guidance and learning lead to a better life for anyone. Playing games and being part of different activities develop a child not just physically but socially and mentally as well. It also leads them to think creatively and innovate with their actions. They also learn to work in a team […]

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