About Us

The play school scenario in India in the year 2004 was almost non-existent. We, S.K. Educations (P) Ltd. has stepped in and established our flagship Preschool Brand – Bachpan…a play school in 2004. Brand Bachpan was launched with a dedicated philosophy for providing excellent quality play schools for young children in the age group of 2-5 years.

Parents often get confused especially when friends and family offer different opinions and advice on choosing a play school. At Bachpan, parents do not have to worry at all because our system balances play time and academic time with equal elan.

Here we share all our views on education pattern and parenting tips as we have an Experts Diaries section to leave all your queries on us because our expert’s panel will advice you on all the topics which can help you in the grooming of your child. We also would like to connect with you on some social concerns of the society and for that we have finalized a category “Social Connect”, this category will raise some social issues and we will try to share the views of our followers.

This space of ours will involve you in some life learning experiences and we will try to update you on regular basis.