First VR (Virtual Reality)

First VR

for your child

  • VR is realistic and immersively stimulating 3D environment.
  • VR can transform abstract and vague concepts into practical settings for the children to gain a better understanding.
  • VR is an interactive and fun way of learning. It uses realistic software and hardware.
  • VR helps to develop high order thinking skills (HOTS) which can be realistically applied by students in the near future.
  • Above all, VR is a lovely, fun-filled educational tool which is very much the trend for today’s Generation Y.

VR means Virtual Reality. As the name suggests, children will be able to learn through live examples, virtually. They can simply put on the screen-fitted goggles called, Headgear and experience visits to the zoo, planetarium or the Taj Mahal virtually, by actually being present in the class!!

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