First Speak-O-Pen

for your child

The Speak-O-Kit consists of a Speak-O-Pen and a magical series of Speak-O-Books. A fantastic culmination of nanotechnology- the Speak-O-Pen can bring to life, all our Speak-O-Books as soon as it touches any printed matter in them. The books recite, sing, pronounce, count, narrate and make your child learn in the most fun and play way method. This way, Bachpan achieves its aim of providing edutainment with concrete learning.

  • All Bachpan books at all levels are by default Speak-O-Books.
  • There is 100% mapping of the curriculum at all levels/classes.
  • Correct learning and pronunciation accuracy is achieved.
  • Parents too can enjoy and help in learning.
  • Technology is very advanced and Speak-O-Books are superiorly interactive and fun to use.
Bachpan Play School