First Speak-o-kit

for your child



Speak-o-kit is a comprehensive learning tools which contains a set of speak o books and a talking pen. Talking pen! Really? Yes! At Bachpan, we make learning possible in a manner which is loved by kids and their parents too. This USP in all the Bachpan schools makes it easier for parents to reinforce learning at home.

Speak O Kit 1
The speak-o-pen, more commonly known as Talking Pen, has volume control buttons and several pre-loaded rhymes which aid in education process of early years.
Speak O Kit 2
Each set of books is specialized for a specific grade and is divided into Level 1, 2 & 3. The pen is programmed such that it intonates the content in the book and acts as a virtual teacher for kids.
When learning is impactful, it becomes easy for the parents and teachers to lay a base which will act as a strong foundation in the holistic development of the child. Thus, we believe in handing over to kids easy to operate tech tools so that they develop as a tech-savvy generation ready for all their tomorrows.
Speak O Kit 3
The SPEAK-O-PEN is the hero of learning needs of kids in terms of its use, impact, features and built. It has a 3.5 mm jack for plugging in an earphone and enjoying various rhymes in Hindi and English.
Speak O Kit 4
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