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Setting Benchmarks
The Preschool segment of the education franchise business has gained momentum at a very fast pace. This has led to the creation of a number of Play school chains that insist upon establishing the maximum number of branches in order to maximise their profits. Result? There has been constant erosion in the quality of Preschool education that is being imparted at many such profitable but unprofessionally-managed play schools.

This is where BACHPAN stands out amongst an ever-growing crowd of number-crunching organisations that rate themselves as the best in the business but aren't dedicated to the noble purpose of helping develop young minds grow like us. We have never compromised upon the quality of education, inclusive of infrastructure, curriculum and facilities, ensuring that the level of excellence established by our pain-staking efforts is maintained across each of our branches, no matter how faraway they are from our headquarters in Delhi.

Culturally Progressive:In the last decade, our society has been obsessed in adopting ideas and philosophies that are embraced overseas. We do not discriminate any medium of education whether it is followed globally or regionally. However, we still believe in the core values of our own culture and history and believe that these beliefs should be passed on to the next generation. Again, we are different from every other play school that advertise themselves being a brand that has international presence. We don't believe in the students developing a feeling of being detached from their own culture. Neither do we want to promote our brand at the cost of alienating children from their own heritage.

However, parents still feel that it is best for their child to be adept at adapting to western ideas as being successful is often associated in being globally adaptable.

So, how does BACHPAN solve this predicament?We have taken into consideration a parents viewpoint and our own objectives and merged them together and created an amalgamation of ideas that doesn't look down upon on or prejudice against any custom or tradition. Instead, it brings together the best of both schools of thought. Yes, we have done what no other preschool has been able to achieve i.e. to create a Globally-successful Pre-Primary Education System.

In terms of its innovation or acceptance, the BACHPAN preschool curriculum stands untagged and respected. It has been a gradual process of selection of the best of cultural values from across the continents, ensuring that our curriculum never has an excessive preference for one form of thinking. Parents of our present students are often amazed at the comfort with which their wards have been able to soak up this blend of established Indian value system and the very liberal Western-way of thinking.
Students at BACHPAN = Global Citizens

Unleashing a Revolution:BACHPAN was never conceived as a profit-making enterprise. It was established as the extension of our efforts in making sure that our children were given a proper grounding before they ventured in the competitive world of school academics and eventually their respective professional fields. It has being designed with a belief that excellence can be nurtured if proper care is taken at the time of a child's evolution as he takes his first step outside the confines of the security of his home. This has led to our brand, BACHPAN, being established on a pan-India basis.

We have absolutely no hesitation in claiming that we have revolutionised the way preschool education was perceived in our country. Today, our nationwide presence is proof of the fact that we have taken Preschooling beyond the preconceived notion of being a sensible option only in the metropolitan cities. As a result, more and more parents are realising and spreading the word about the worth of a Preschool education. Our branches are catering to the Early Education requirements of urban, semi-urban and semi-rural centres in every state of the country and the process of expansion still carries on, unchallenged. This in itself exemplifies our mass acceptance and the kind of respect and recognition we have earned in less than a decade. Our competitive fee structure has made sure than a proper preschool education isn't just a dream for the average Indian household.

The feedback has been overwhelming from the parents who have often been heard saying that how few hours spent daily in our campuses have resulted in their child undergoing a metamorphosis and developing into an all-rounder rather than being just confined to study books or kicking the ball outdoors.