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It has been our constant endeavour to make our pre school Education Program self-sustaining yet innovative and most useful. In order to make sure that we provide a curriculum that we deem is best-suited for young children, we have created and published our own series of books with the helpof our In-house team ofAuthors and Editors. Our Editorial Team is invariably in touch with a number of Research Associates who are constantly updating themselves on the latest trends and practices in the field of pre school education.

As a result, we have developed a series of very engaging and interactive books for the children that have been presented in an easy-to-understand manner. The pictures and characters have been beautifully printed in a real-life manner and we have made sure that the content is appropriate for the concerned age group. Most of our publications are delightfully imaginative and stand apart from the usual material that is found in the markets. The books are rich with simple set of instructions to guide the young children. Proven educational techniques and research backs up the utility and credibility of our study material.

It's our personal experience that children are delighted when stories are read from these books and they often feel compelled to read it themselves. The study material also consists of a number of Exercise Books which are upgraded periodically to make sure that our students set the benchmark when it comes to the Pre-primary education segment rather than follow others. The books have immensely helped to improve the level of reading, writing, basic calculation, creative thinking and comprehension skills of our students.

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