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We have developed a Preschool environment that is competent of addressing most issues that Preschool children present. The idea is to provide children with an unrestricted option of activities to choose from and then help them identify their preferences or dislikes and then refining their preferences in a more productive manner. We use a combination of traditional preschool favourite activities such Art and Dance programs and the latest that the world of multimedia has to offer to ensure that the child doesn't develop a sense of discomfort with the things that would soon make up his surrounding.

This in turn, makes the child more dexterous and positive in his approach when it comes to accomplishing a task no matter how difficult it is again, a tool that every child should have as they make the transition from being a preschooler to a school-going student to a grown-up individual.

At our Play schools, a child is introduced to a world where companionship and sharing become a daily routine. This forms the basis of a child's ability to function in a social environment beyond the familiarity of his home and the process of being socially adept gradually gains momentum. The whole environment is such that it inspires curiosity in a child and this is invariably followed with a lot of queries. We make sure that these queries are answered and explained in the most encouraging manner. The sheer quality of the interaction that the child undergoes is sufficient in guaranteeing that the most critical aspects of growing up like developing an academic aptitude and becoming emotionally mature are taken care of.

Library:We have taken it upon ourselves to be self-sustaining when it comes to using various teaching/learning tools including books and manuals that are used by our educators. As a result of our continued effort that has involved immeasurable man-hours and the guidance of innumerable experts in the field, we have developed our own Library or the Information Resource Section as we usually call it. Some of the books have been developed by our own educational experts while some of the titles have been co-authored by collaborating with other Pre-school specialists.

Yet, we haven't stopped with our efforts in this regard and a dedicated team of scholars and research people continue to explore and update us on the better and innovative teaching methods for creating a more dynamic, easily acceptable and concept-based method of learning. In fact, we have a team of authors, co-authors, editors and proof-readers who are responsible for creating, periodically checking and updating our study material and every piece of data that is related with our brand.

Soft Skills Training:We lay emphasis when it comes to a student's Attitude that is exhibited towards learning something new or when dealing with difficult situations and adapting to diverse situations in general. It is in this regard that rather than insisting upon carrying out repetitive and mundane classroom activities that most preschools tend to do, our teachers have been asked to make sure that the child develops the right propensity to make an individual decision and is prepared for higher education through curiosity and self-acceptance rather than being forced towards it. Thus, we help inculcate the desired Aptitude in each child whether it comes to being receptive for further learning, being socially adaptable or having a positive mindset.