First Robotime

for your child



Robotime is another boon which Bachpan bestows on kids. It is a tool which balances learning with fun and augments critical thinking while a child learns how to build and develop a working robot. This is an era of technological advancement and to be an edge above others, a child needs to learn beyond books.

Robotime 1
Hurray! Robotime is an asset which empowers learning and gives an access to ‘STEAM’ learning in schools. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.
Robotime 2
The first pre-school in India to bring Robotics–based learning for the tiny-tots at the pre-primary level itself. Each of our action aims to bring a futuristic change in a child.
Robotime is Action-Packed to conduct learning with fun. The Starter Kit which is a part of the world Robotics Curriculum, is truly a trendsetter. It has been launched after a thorough R&D. Robotime stimulates motor skills, thinking capacity, shape cognition, concentration & visual ability.
Robotime 3
Each part of kit is made from harmless plastic and no sharp objects are used for assembling the parts, keeping in view the health and safety of our little users.
Robotime 4
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