First VR

for your child



Virtual Reality is placed at the top of innovative learning experience for kids. It is a viewing tool conjoined with technology for 3-Dimensional picture show. Be it a city tour or a visit to Taj Mahal, a simple VR headgear can take the child to an unforgettable journey enriched with audio visual experience.

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This set up with VR headgear and VR stand is an essential learning element in play schools. 3 D viewing experience is sure to get exciting response from little ones.
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VR portrays complicated concepts in a visual form which is easy to understand and remember. Bachpan takes every learning outside a textbook very solemnly which makes it the most loved school.
To have an immersive learning is important. VR encourages such a kind of immersive learning which aims to increase the attention span of kids from few seconds to several minutes. One would often hear kids saying ‘WOW’ while they experience the grandeur of VR.
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Constant updation and revamping of VR tools are done at Bachpan to make it fit and best of use at schools. Prismart pilot tests and programs the technology aiding the VR functioning.
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