Get Best Play School Experience In the Heart of India

Play School Experience

Since 2004, Bachpan Play School has been providing top-quality preschool education to families across India. A magnificent preschool experience happens only once in a lifetime. The Bachpan Play School is committed to making that experience meaningful. Our preschool performs with a combined curriculum where we incorporate academics and play to enrich our student’s lives. Our small class size allows each child […]

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Nurturing Human Values in Young Minds Since 2004

Human Values

At Bachpan Play School, we aim to flourish an all-rounding approach to early childhood education. In addition to laying the foundation for your children’s future academic pursuits, we also empower them with social and collaborative intellect to help them navigate through life. By balancing organized and unorganized play, we offer your children the opportunity to develop resourcefulness that helps them to […]

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Select the Most Vibrant Play School in the South of India

Vibrant Play School

Bachpan Play School’s curriculum is created by a team of educators holding diplomas in both early childhood education and Primary/ Junior/ Intermediate teaching. They work together to create a base curriculum for all of our branches to be followed by the Bachpan Play School’s teachers along with activities and lesson plan ideas in the areas of literature, mathematics, science, and […]

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Inspiring a True Love of Learning for Over 17 Years

True Love of Learning

Group dynamics, individual personalities, energy levels, maturity, and level of academic knowledge are all factors that the teachers consider while planning for the school year ahead. We believe that no child should get bored or overly challenged and that they are all progressing both socially and academically at their own pace. Free Play and Theme-Based Curriculum The theme-based curriculum of […]

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Choose the Best Play School for your Children

the best play school

We are serious about play with over 2000 square feet of indoor and outdoor fun that our students love. Our play schools have impressive outdoor shaded playgrounds padded with special turf and over half an acre of grassy space is perfect for picnics, outdoor circle time, and running sports. We believe in practical connections beyond the classroom. We implement music […]

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The Best Play School Flourishes the Best Kids

Play School Flourishes

Bachpan is a child-centered, developmentally responsive play school that incorporates an emergent curriculum through which child-led questions shape ideas and learning. Our kids become young mathematicians, readers, musicians, artists, dancers, and scientists through our curriculum. Friendships and teacher-student relationships are strengthened through cooperation, play, and communication with peers and teachers. Early Childhood Needs Extra Care and Attention Early childhood is […]

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Let Your Children Study at Play Schools in Valleys

Children Study

Bachpan Play School’s aim is to give parents and guardians peace of mind that their children are acquiring high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment that is filled with stimulation and individual respect. It is our mission that every child should develop a strong sense of self-esteem and the knowledge and skills to succeed in play school and in […]

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Gift the Most Natural Play School Experience to Your Children

Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Our campus is designed to positively connect young children with nature through immersion activities that stimulate their innate curiosity about the natural world. We also believe that young children learn best through direct experience with the natural play school world. Our teachers are like mentors and guides who actively model curiosity and engagement in nature while allowing children’s interests to […]

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Your Search For The Best Play School Ends Here

Best Play Schools

Best play schools are not only a provider of modern and international education but also inculcates healthy habits in toddlers. Washing hands with soap before and after meals and using the toilet, always carrying and covering the mouth with a clean handkerchief while coughing or sneezing, exercising daily, brushing the teeth twice a day, and avoiding junk foods are some […]

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Give your child a Head Start in Life at Our Play School

Our Play School

Parents and guardians can have the utmost confidence in our skills and ability to look after their children. Bachpan Play School has a presence in every corner of Telangana. The safety of your children is of paramount importance to us. Our play school buildings are designed to the highest standards with a monitored fire alarm, CCTV cameras, and a door […]

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